Essential-Style is a small and personal project.

Since my youngest childhood days I have always been fascinated by classic and stylish outfits.


So yes, you could say I’m heavily addicted to classic menswear…well and coffee (but that’s

another topic).


What I try to do here is share ideas about how you might find and/or change and improve your own style.



I also try to maybe let you become more confident when it comes to combine your clothes or what you as well might add to

your wardrobe…


Most of all I’m lurking around the web myself to get inspired and maybe inspire you.

This will hopefully happen by showing you some of the combinations I wear but also in several articles I’m going to write.


Let me say straight away: I do not count myself as one of the biggest fashionistas on earth but more as normal guy with a faible 

for nice clothes on the quest to find and improve my style daily.


My goal might be defined in one sentence:


  Let us improve the world, at least by dressing a little better…


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